NFT Collections

Introverts launched on the 15th of May 2022 on Cardano as an artistic & purpose driven collection of NFTs crafted by our artist & founder D-Nice.

Below you can find important information regarding our already launched collections and what's to come in the future!

Introverts (Sold Out)

6.858 NFTs with 380 unique hand drawn traits!

The inspiration for Introverts characters art comes from the subconscious connection we all have with our inner child, who we firmly believe carries our real purpose in life.

Each Introvert character is also linked to one of the 8 types of Inner Cosmos:

Art Anime Books Games
‍Fashion Movies Music Sports

They highlight the Introverts passion and will play an important role in how the future Inner Cosmos NFTs will be shaped.

💎 Ultra Rares

There are 58 Ultra Rare NFTs in Introverts that give you special benefits, including a guaranteed free airdrop of the most rare Artifact.

    40 Music NFTs

    All Music NFTs (#0019 to #0058) have original music and animated backdrops. Introverts music was composed by co-founder Markus and our music producer Abra, who worked previously with Manu Gavassi and other huge Brazilian artists.

    4 Seasons

    The 4 Seasons NFTs (#0015 to #0018) also have music/animations but are special as they update 4 times, one at each seasons change: Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Winter 2022 and Spring 2023. All variations are embedded within the same NFT so you can access them at all times. They will also give a lot of CP too! Check Cosmic Points for more info.

    6 Halloween & 6 Christmas

    The 6 Halloween NFTs & 6 Christmas NFTs (#0003 to #0014) also have music/animations but every year holders of those will get a special prize.

    2 Paintings

    Our artist D-Nice made 2 special canvas painted Introverts. Their NFT were generated from a high res photo of the actual painting.

    🤯 Explosion: Introverts #0001 represents all the thoughts that run through our minds, the pieces that make up ourselves and the universe we are connected to. This Introvert holds characteristics from the early designs of the our character.

    👩 Woman: Introverts #0002 was crafted to commemorate the 2022 International Woman's Day. It will be raffled using Mutant NFTs system and the proceeds will go to the Cardano Women foundation, that helps motivate a culture of inclusiveness on the blockchain.

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    Membership Cards (Sold Out!)

    In May 2022, 1500 membership cards with 8 levels of rarity were
    minted exclusively by select community members.

    • Exclusive access to UpgradesAchievements
    • Exclusive access to participate in whitelist raffles for partners NFT drops
    • Stake up to 8 different types of Membership Cards to earn CPoints.
    • Holders of Cards Sets earn bonus CP when staking all 8 different types of Membership Cards together.
    • Holders of Cards Sets gets 1 WL for each of Soul Portals, Wild Spirits and Oracles Artifacts.

    Important: you need at least 1 Introvert in order to have the benefits of the Cards.

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    Artifacts (2023)

    Artifacts is a series of 4000 artistic NFTs that unlock the secret powers of the Inner
    Cosmos. Each type of Artifact is a unique art collections with multiple levels of rarity.

    Artifacts Utility:

    • Stake Artifacts to earn CPoints
    • Exclusive access to Art Club
    • Unlock secret traits in the future Inner Cosmos NFTs

    The amount of Artifacts you can mint will be based on your holdings, as reflected in your discord roles. We will have several contests and raffles for free WL and Free Introverts dedicated to smaller holders and new people.

    Soul Portals Mint: Each NFT will cost 2000 CP + 40 ADA
    Future Artifacts mint pricing will be announced closer to each mint date.

    Inner Cosmos (2024)

    Inner Cosmos is the place where Introverts can connect and learn with the best version of themselves. This will be an evolutive interactive experience that will gamify your Introverts and Artifacts NFTs. 

    Shaping the Inner Cosmos: Each of the 6858 Introverts will have its own Inner Cosmos NFT. Your Introvert’s traits will help shape its Inner Cosmos, so expect the rare traits from your Introvert to be carried on to the Inner Cosmos in a really awesome way!

    Summoning Artifacts: You'll be able to summon your Artifacts to unlock and reveal secret traits in your Inner Cosmos NFTs. Rumor has it that those who are able to collect at least 3 different types of Artifacts are in for something special!