Introverts is a web3-based startup that was born in 2022 from the desire of artist D-Nice to show the world the extraordinary power of introversion. By blending art and technology, Introverts creates fun products and content to shine a light on the beautiful inner world that inhabits us all.

The Introverts Series digital collectibles were launched in May 2022, including the Introverts Avatars and Membership Cards. The collections sold out in minutes and with that, thousands of enthusiasts joined the Introverts community, which has now become the backbone of the brand.

In 2023, Introverts started its next phase by releasing Soul Portals, the first part of the new Keys of Wisdom digital collectibles series. They will enable their holders to engage in interactive quests in pursuit of the rare Artifacts within the Inner Cosmos: a digital world tailored to each Introvert that can be customized and enhanced through a gamified experience.

Soul Portals Art Sneak Peek - Head+ Eye
Soul Portals Art Sneak Peek - Octopus

Fun & Utility

While Introverts prioritizes art, community, and entertainment, holding the digital collectibles unlocks exclusive perks!

  • Cosmic Points: Earn CP daily by being verified in our Discord Server. Use them for Raffles, Upgrades, Mint discounts, and in-game items on the Inner Cosmos game.
  • Achievements: Earn exclusive collectibles for participating in community events and achieving collector's goals.
  • Discounts: Get exclusive discounts and limited edition items in the upcoming revamped Introverts Shop.
  • Inner Cosmos: Customize and build your own inner world on this fun and cozy game to be launched on Steam. Use your digital collectibles to unlock levels, power ups and exclusive in-game artifacts and customizations.
  • Introverts Treasury: Profits from Introverts' initiatives such as the Introverts Shop, Books, VIB3, Inner Cosmos and other products, will be directed to the Introverts Treasury. Holders will have the opportunity to vote on how these funds will be utilized.


Part of Introverts mission is to grow the presence of our community on a global scale and raise awareness to our vision. We have attended web3 conferences in Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In 2024 we plan to attend at least 3 more conferences.

Roadmap: What's Next?

The next frontier for Introverts is the expansion of the brand and the enhancement the web3 collectibles experience:

Expanding Introverts beyond web3

  • Release the new Introverts Shop with original and fun designs and start a substantial Ad campaign
  • Release the first book of the Introverts Book Series.
  • Release VIB3, an innovative platform that redefines digital collectibles beyond the confines of Web3. Spotlighting the creativity and excitement within the Web3 community and its creators.
  • Create fun and engaging content with Introverts' mascot Milo the Introvert

Enhancing the Introverts web3 experience

  • Release the Wild Spirits collection, the second part of the Keys of Wisdom Series.
  • Release the Introverts Dashboard to better the experience of browsing collections and CPoints.
  • Foster the Introverts Art Club for the owners of Soul Portals and Wild Spirits.
  • Develop the foundation for the Inner Cosmos: a digital world tailored to each Introvert that can be customized and enhanced through a gamified experience.

    2024 · Q1 & Q2

    🛍️  New Introverts Shop
    New designs, Credit Card Payment Worldwide
    🏆 Achievements: Diamond Hands
    Snapshot March 4th
    😊 Milo Social Media Push
    New Designs and Cat Pet Character
    🎨 Art Club Discord Launch
    D-Nice Blog and Vlogs
    💫 Upgrades: Helmets
    Space Suit Trait
    💫 Upgrades: Masks
    Masked Trait
    🖥️ Website V3: Dashboard
    Introverts Dashboard and Brand Update
    🕹️ Inner Cosmos Dev
    Game Mechanics and Concept Art
    📱 VIB3 Dev & Socials
    Development & Social Media Launch
    📖 Book Creation
    Story, Illustrations and Publishing

    2024 · Q3 & Q4

    🃏 Arcana Deck Creation
    Concept, Card Design
    📖 Book Launch
    1st Edition Physical Book
    🎪 Rare Evo 2024
    August 15-17
    🏆 Achievements: Rare Evo 2024
    For Holders Who Attend The Conference
    📣 Shop Marketing Campaign
    Product videos, Ads, Spanish & French Translations
    🐉 Wild Spirits Mint
    📱 VIB3 Beta Launch
    Beta Release


    🔮 Oracles Mint
    Development and Launch
    📱 VIB3 Launch
    Platform Official Launch
    🕹️ Inner Cosmos
    Development and Launch
    🃏 Arcana Deck
    Development and Launch



    Founder • Artist

    D-Nice always found a happy place in her creations, exploring digital arts, canvas paintings, and murals. Having worked as a professional illustrator for prominent brands, she transitioned to a full-time artist in 2020.


    Founder • Dev/Designer • Community

    Markus delved into programming and UX design during his teenage years. Since 2012, he's been immersed in software development and interface design, concurrently spearheading a successful Brazilian startup with 300k monthly active users.

    Lili Ennes