Introverts is a web3-based startup that was born in 2022 from the desire of artist D-Nice to show the world that introversion is a super power which we all need to understand how to better use. By blending art and technology, Introverts creates fun products and content to shine a light on the beautiful inner world that inhabits us all.

The Introverts Series digital collectibles were launched in May 2022, including the Introverts Avatars and Membership Cards. The collections sold out in minutes and with that, thousands of enthusiasts joined the Introverts community, which has now become the backbone of the brand.

The first set of interactivity was released with the Staking platform, where holders can earn Cosmic Points daily and spend them on raffles and Upgrades. After that, the Achievements platform was launched, through which holders are gifted limited edition collectibles for participating in community events and achieving certain collector's goals.

At the end of 2022 Introverts attended web3 conferences and launched the Introverts Shop during cNFTcon.

In 2023, Introverts started its next phase by releasing Soul Portals, part of the new Keys of Wisdom digital collectibles series. They will enable you to go on interactive quests in pursuit of the rare Artifacts within the Inner Cosmos: a digital world tailored to each Introvert that can be customized and enhanced through a gamified experience.

Roadmap: What's Next?

The next frontier for Introverts will be focused on expanding our brand and enhancing our web3 collectibles experience:

Expanding Introverts beyond web3

  • Creating fun and engaging content starting with our new mascot: Milo the Introvert
  • Release Cosmic, a new online shop with original designs aimed for introverted people outside the web3.
  • Release VIB3, a innovative platform to better the image of digital collectibles outside web3, emphasizing the creativeness and fun of the web3 community and its builders.

Enhancing the Introverts web3 experience

    2023 · Q1 & Q2

    ✅ Achievements Launch
    cNFtcon, World Cup
    ✅  Upgrades
    Baseball Shirt, Snow Jacket & Viking Tattoos
    ✅  Soul Portals Mint
    Minted May 20th
    ✅  Makers Launch
    IP development by holders

    2023 · Q3 & Q4

    ✅ Upgrades
    Old Robe
    🛍 Introverts Shop 2.0
    New designs
    ✅ NFTxLV
    Booth Experience
    🐉 Wild Spirits Mint
    Date TBA
    📱 VIB3
    Platform Development
    💫 Upgrades
    Space Suit - Helmets


    🔮 Oracles Mint
    Date TBA
    🃏 Arcana Airdrop
    Date TBA
    ✨ Inner Cosmos
    Platform Development
    🎧 Music Beam
    Introverts music album



    Founder • Artist

    D-Nice always found a happy place in her creations, exploring digital arts, canvas and murals. She worked as a professional illustrator for huge brands and 2 years ago shifted her career to be a full time artist.


    Founder • Dev/Designer • Community

    Markus learnt programming and UX design in his teenage years. He has worked with software development and interface design since 2012 and is a blockchain technology enthusiast.

    Lili Ennes