Introverts Makers is an initiative that facilitates the creation of awesome products by our holders using Introverts IP. Join Introverts Discord Server to get started on your own project or join others.

The Makers forum is where all ideas are discussed and improved. It's designed to be a journey for community members to propose an idea, search for talent and then finally get the team's certification for your project.

Holders of Introverts or Soul Portals can participate in projects and give feedback, but to get certification you'll need to also hold a Membership Card.


Share your Ideas

Start by creating an Idea post in the forums and share your dream project! You can view instructions and what you need to write in our Forum tutorials.


Search of talents

If you need help to build, create a Talent Search post and let people know what type of skills you need for your project.


Get certified

If you want official endorsement and help from the team on the development of your project, you'll need to Submit a Proposal for certification. Certified projects will be exhibited in our website and frequently mentioned in our socials.


Create products for the Cosmic

Makers can design products to be sold in our upcoming shop Cosmic. This includes: hoodies, t-shirts, caps, pillows, phone cases and even puzzles! We'll handle the production and delivery while profits go to the maker.

Branding Rules & Guidelines

When designing your project, use only Introverts collectibles that you own on marketing or product graphics. You can add customizations to your avatars, as long as they are original and made by you. In case you want to use other people's collectibles, please ask permission to the owner.

You cannot use Introverts main logos on your brand without the team's permission. Please use only the digital collectibles art that you own.