Our non-custodial staking works on top of the Introverts Discord Server verification system. This means that if you are verified in our server you will earn Cosmic Points automatically.โ€

  • Make sure that you hold at least 1 Introverts or 1 Soul Portals. You don't need Membership Cards to enable staking.
  • Join the Introverts Discord server to add your wallet(s) by following the instructions in the #holders-verify channel.
  • Every day you will automatically receive CP based on your holdings and every 5 days you'll receive the bonus CP for Sets &ย Discord Roles.
  • Use the command /cpoints in the #cpoints channel to check your balance and holdings overview.

๎ ฆAny digital collectible listed on any marketplace at the time of our randomized snapshots will lose its remaining CP rewards for the current 5-day period.

Staking Partners

If you own an Introverts Avatar, it can be staked with our partners to earn their tokens.

Derp Birds

To earn DERP tokens, you need to have a Derp Birds OG or a Pred collectible and then proceed to stake your Introverts in the Derp Birds App.