Our non custodial staking works on top of our current Discord server verification system. This means that if you are verified in our server you will earn Cosmic Points automatically.

It's just that easy: As long as your Introverts, Membership Cards and Artifacts NFTs are in your verified wallets, you'll be earning CP daily. The rewards for sets & Discord roles are distributed every 5 days.

How to stake Introverts, Membership Cards or Artifacts:

  • Make sure you have at least 1 Introvert. You don't need Membership Cards to enable staking.
  • Join the Introverts Discord server to add your wallets by following the instructions in the #holders-verify channel.
  • Every day you automatically receive CP based off your holdings. Use the command /cpoints in #cpoints channel to check your holdings overview.
  • At the end of every Cardano Epoch (5 days) you'll receive the bonus CP for Discord Roles & Sets.

If you list one of your NFTs on any marketplace and it's caught by our randomized snapshots, you will lose the remaining CP rewards of that specific NFT for the current epoch.

Staking Partners

You can also stake Introverts NFTs with our partner projects: Ape Society, Derp Birds, Safari Squad and Cardano Lands. Meaning you can earn SOCIETY, DERP, HEXO & SAFARI. This won't affect your CPoints earning.

The Ape Society: To earn SOCIETY from Introverts, you need a Cabin and a Frame for each Introvert you want to stake. Keep in mind that the amount of SOCIETY earned changes frequently depending on TAS tokenomics and is also a much smaller quantity then staking a TAS.

Derp Birds: Each Introvert awards you 2 DERP every 5 days. The number of Introverts that you can stake is determined by how many Derp NFTs you have. Derp Bird OG: 10, PRED: 8, Derpling: 4, Derp Ape: 4. Example: If you have one OG Derp Bird (you need at least one to begin earning any rewards!), 1 PRED, and 1 Derp Ape, you would be able to stake 22 Introverts)

Safari Squad: Safari Habitat is home to the Safari squad OG & Inventive collection and now Introverts' home as well! Habitats can be used to stake Introverts and win SAFARI tokens, which can be used for auctions, raffles, poker games buy-in and much more.

Cardano Lands: You can earn HEXO by staking your Introverts in Cardano Lands. Just verify your wallets on their website and you're good to go. You need to login at least once every 30 days to keep collecting rewards.