VIB3: Fostering Creativity and Community in the NFT Universe

In a digital world pulsating with innovation, the emergence of NFTs has sparked a renaissance in artistic expression. Yet, amid the burgeoning NFT marketplaces like Open Sea, Magic Eden and JPG.Store, a vital element is often lost in the shuffle — the celebration of creativity.

Enter VIB3, a visionary project poised to revolutionize the Web3 space by placing artistry, community, and collectability at its core. As the NFT ecosystem grapples with issues of visibility and authenticity, VIB3 stands as a beacon of hope, breathing new life into the digital collectibles realm.

The Challenge: Navigating the NFT Landscape

Navigating the NFT landscape is akin to traversing a labyrinth, with myriad projects clamoring for attention. However, beneath the surface lies a troubling reality — the prominence of the financial aspects of NFTs: sales volume and floor prices. Despite the wealth of talent and innovation, many projects and artists find themselves overshadowed by the clamor for profit. Did you know that according to, approximately 1/3 of NFT sales are labeled as wash trades?

In response, VIB3 emerges as a catalyst for change, championing the artistic essence of NFTs while fostering a sense of community and collaboration. By prioritizing creativity and culture over commercialism, VIB3 aims to rekindle the passion and excitement that initially ignited the NFT movement.

The Vision: Making NFTs Fun Again

At the heart of VIB3 lies a simple yet profound vision — to redefine the NFT experience and make NFTs fun again! Gone are the days of mindless scrolling in search of the next big sale; instead, users are invited on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Through VIB3’s innovative platform, users can unearth hidden gems, discover new projects, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for creativity. From curated galleries to insightful reviews, every aspect of the VIB3 experience is designed to inspire, educate, and delight.

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Find amazing digital collectibles from all chains by using our unique filters and see what’s trending based on community sentiment.

Hybrid Collections: We'll feature hybrid collections that contain art from different projects, based on a certain art style, similar utility or other criterias.


Deep Dive

Learn about the project's vision, history, utility and browse its collections in a unique way that highlights art, rarities and collectability.



Read holders reviews and find exclusive information by reading notes from the artists and founders.



Create your own NFT gallery where you can pin your favorite projects and art and share it anywhere.

The Promise: Empowering Artists, Engaging Communities

Central to VIB3’s mission is the empowerment of artists and creators. By providing a platform that celebrates their talent and fosters genuine connections, VIB3 seeks to elevate the voices of those who have long been overlooked in the digital landscape.

VIB3 is not a marketplace — it’s a vibrant community where ideas are shared. Through its social features and interactive elements, VIB3 aims to cultivate a culture of inclusivity and creativity, where everyone is encouraged to express themselves freely.

The Business Model: Freemium

VIB3 will launch as a free platform where the focus will be to increase both our monthly and daily active users consistently. Going forward, as the platform grows, we'll add revenue streams such as:



Subscribe for extra features that enhances the overall experience. Introverts Avatars holders will get PRO for free.

Hybrid Collections: We'll feature hybrid collections that contain art from different projects, based on a certain art style, similar utility or other criterias.


VIB3 PRO Artist

Access exclusive community sentiment data and unlock profile customizations and extra features.



Dedicated spaces and curated galleries for projects and artists to promote themselves and boost their presence.

A percentage of VIB3’s revenue will be used to help fund the Introverts Treasury.

The Technology: Building VIB3

Backend development has already started for Phase 1 and we aim to deliver VIB3 Beta this year. We’ll share development updates frequently in our Medium Blog. Follow it so you can be up to date with everything!

VIB3's brand and social media will launch soon. Stay tuned!

UI & User Experience
⬛️ Branding
⬛️ Admin Platform UI
⬛️ Progressive Web App UI
⬛️ Socials Activation

☑️ Twitter
☑️ Instagram
☑️ Tik Tok

⬛️ Preview Website
⬛️ Ads Marketing Campaign
Backend Development
⬛️ Servers, Database & CDN Setup
⬛️ VIB3 API & Database
⬛️ Admin Platform
⬛️ ETH, Polygon & Sol Integration
⬛️ Cardano Integration
⬛️ STRIPE Integration for PRO
Frontend & Content Development
⬛️ Admin Platform
⬛️ Progressive Web App
⬛️ Input first 50 Projects
⬛️ Moderation Tools

The Future: Making NFTs Better for Everyone

Every new idea and feature brings us closer to a world where art and creativity are celebrated by everyone. Whether you’re an artist, project owner, a collector, or just someone who loves cool stuff, VIB3 is here to make NFTs more fun and friendly for everyone.

So join us and be part of something special. With VIB3, we can make NFTs better for artists, collectors, and friends everywhere.

    If you're keen on contributing to VIB3’s development or securing your project to be included early, reach out to us at

    Yes! We're on

    Art and metadata for those NFTs is only going to be revealed on Halloween and Christmas and will be automatically updated in the Cardano blockchain.

    • 6 Halloween NFTs, to be revealed 31th October 2022.
    • 6 Christmas NFTs, to be revealed 25th December 2022.

    Every year on Halloween and Christmas, holders will get a super special prize! They are available to buy on secondary market (JPG.STORE)


    The ultra rare Seasons NFTs are part of our main collection and dynamically change on each season: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

    • 4 unique seasons NFTs
    • 4 exclusive backdrops, one for each season.
    • 16 1/1 exclusive clothes
    • 16 1/1 exclusive hats&hair

    Seasons NFTs will be raffled and airdropped to 4 lucky holders on July 2022. We use the Cosmos Points system to increase your chances of being selected in our raffle system. Join our Discord to learn more

    Cardano is a decentralized proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain designed to be a more efficient alternative to proof-of-work (PoW) networks. Below are the top 5 reasons why we choose Introverts to live in the Cardano blockchain.
    #1 Community: It just feels like home. People are supportive and positive. Everyone truly believes Cardano is going to be used by billions of people in the future.
    #2 Environmentally friendly: Cardano is one of the most energy efficient blockchains out there. Nodes can run on low-end computers and single transactions can carry multiple types of assets, which reduces the overall number of transactions compared to other blockchains.
    #3 Decentralized: From the initial token offering to how stake pools work, Cardano embraces the culture of decentralization and is on its way to becoming the most advanced decentralized blockchain of the future.
    #4 Peer Reviewed Technology: We believe the successful blockchains are not the ones built faster, but the ones built with the best technology. Cardano has been transparently perfecting its technology in all aspects and never had a downtime since it went online in 2017.
    #5 Low gas fees: Affordable for people all around the world, this makes it a super inclusive alternative to Ethereum and much more popular in developing countries. Transactions cost as low as 0.15 ADA.